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Hello, welcome to my blog. Food has forever been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. I’ve always loved being around the kitchen with my mother, I only wish to learn every technique and recipes she knew! I often bake elaborate cakes for colleagues and cooked an eight-course Thanksgiving dinner for friends one year. I get asked for my recipes all the time. I actually don’t know what to tell them as I usually just chuck ingredients in that I think will pair together, sometimes I follow loosely on a recipe (whether from books or internet – don’t worry, if I adapt your recipe, I’ll credit and reference yours) or a combination from a few recipes but I usually add my own twist – so there isn’t really a recipe exactly… until now!


So I’ve finally decided to create a food blog to share my recipes – everything from leisure weekend brunch, healthy pack lunches, easy one-pot meals, sinful desserts to my “want not, waste not” kitchen tricks.


Hope you enjoy my blog! Let me know what you think.


elsie x


All photographs are by me, if you like to use any of my images or adapt my recipes, please ask me first. A credit and a link back will be much appreciated.


Interested in working with me? I will consider create sponsored posts for brands that are a good fit for my blog. I’m also available for recipe development and features. Please drop me a line, will be happy to chat! 

Design & Typography

I’m a graphic designer with over 10 years of industry experience in the United Kingdom and Canada. I’m crazy about typography and loves designing branding and print. You can check out my small sample portfolio at staystylish.com and my typography page on Tumblr.


Fashion is also my life. I like to express myself through what I wear, never get dictated by fashion trends, your own style should speak for yourself. I’m also privilege to have modeled for Hermès, Kirk Originals and ESPRIT Denim.

Arts & Crafts

I love creating things – from knitting, sewing to my new found love pottery! Have a look at my knitting projects on Ravelry. Please feel free to add me as a friend if you’re on there as well.

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